This page is dedicated to the transition arrangements for 2020.
Thank you for your continued patience during these dreadful times. It has been appreciated and helps us all to work together as a community.


Pre-school Lead – Mrs Malpass

Mrs Malpass

Children from Mrs Malpass will move to Nursery with Mrs Douton


Mrs Douton


Teacher – Mrs Douton

Mrs Douton

Children from Mrs Douton will move to Reception with Mrs Love


Mrs Love


Teacher – Mrs Love

Mrs Love

Children from Mrs Love will move to Year 1 with Mrs Lloyd-Smith


Mrs Lloyd-Smith


Year 1

Teacher – Mrs Lloyd-Smith

Mrs Lloyd-Smith

Children from Mrs Lloyd-Smith will move to Year 2 with Mrs Tilt (New Teacher)


Mrs Tilt

Year 2

Teacher – Mrs Eccleston

Mrs Eccleston

Children from Mrs Eccleston will move to Year 3 with Ms Capelen


Ms Capelen

Year 3

Teacher – Mrs Hardwick

Mrs Hardwick

Children from Mrs Hardwick will move to Y4 with Mrs Hardwick


Mrs Hardwick

Year 4

Teacher – Mrs Williams

Mrs Williams

Children from Mrs Williams will move to Y5 with Mrs Williams


Mrs Williams

Year 5

Teacher – Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris

Children from Mrs Harris will move to Year 6 with Mrs Dixey and Mrs Harris. There will be two Year 6 classes this year. You be informed informed which class your child will be in.


Mrs Dixey