Welcome to our staff page.

Below is a list of our Senior leadership, Teaching, Senco & Support Staff.

If  you click on each member of teaching staff and Senco staff it will take you to their individual class page where you can find out more information about them:




Mr Minott


Teaching Staff

Y5/6 - Mrs Dixey

Y5/6 - Mrs Harris

Y4 - Mrs Hardwick

Y3 - Miss Stokes

Y2 - Mrs Lloyd-Smith

Y1 - Mrs Love

Reception - Miss Smith

Nursery - Mrs Mortimer

Senior Leadership

Head Teacher:   Mr Minott

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs Dixey

Head of Key Stage 1:  Miss Smith

Head of Key Stage 2:  Mrs Dixey


Special Needs Co-ordinators

Senco:  Miss Smith


Office Staff

Office Manager:  Mrs Hawkins

Clerical Assistant:  Miss Davies


Senior Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Bradshaw

Mrs Hawkings


Teaching Assistants

Miss Burton

Mrs Smith

Mrs Matthews

Mrs Hall-Davies

Mrs Pocket

Miss Moore

Mrs Hill

Mrs Southwell

Mrs Westwood

Miss Porter


Pre School

Mrs Malpass

Mrs Douton

Miss Mellor



Mr Jones