Welcome to our staff page.

Below is a list of our Senior leadership, Teaching, Senco & Support Staff.

Please click on each member of teaching staff and Senco staff to take you to their individual class page where you can find out more information about them:




Mr Minott


Teaching Staff

Y5/6 - Mrs Dixey

Y5/6 - Mrs Harris

Y5/6 - Mr Minott and Mrs Williams

Y4 - Miss Smith 

Y3 - Mrs Hardwick

Y2 - Miss Stokes

Y1 - Mrs Lloyd-Smith

Reception - Mrs Love

Nursery - Mrs Mortimer

Reading Leader - Mrs Bradshaw


Senior Leadership

Head Teacher:   Mr Minott

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs Dixey

Head of Early Years - Mrs Love

Head of Key Stage 1:  Miss Smith

Head of Key Stage 2:  Mrs Dixey


Special Needs Co-ordinators

Senco:  Miss Smith


Office Staff

Office Manager:  Mrs Hawkins

Clerical Assistant:  Miss Davies


Senior Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Hawkings


Teaching Assistants

Miss Burton

Mrs Smith

Mrs Matthews

Mrs Hall-Davies

Mrs Pocket

Mrs Halden

Mrs Hill

Mrs Southwell

Mrs Westwood

Mrs Jellows

Mrs Capelen


Pre School

Mrs Malpass

Mrs Douton

Miss Mellor



Mr Jones