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"I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse."

Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910

School Clubs


Choir - it is for Y2 and Key Stage 2

Every Monday after school, we are joined by our wonderful music teacher, Miss Ferguson, where we sing a range of songs from classic hymns to recent Number Ones in the charts. We endeavour to sing more in the community, after performing at the Briar Hill Nursing Home; perform school concerts to children and parents and make links with other schools to sing in bigger productions.

Homework Club Year 3 & 4

Children have the opportunity to access all of the websites that Chase View use to support and extend learning during homework club. Children can also go over any tricky concepts they are finding difficult with Mrs Hardwick. We also enjoy fun activities such as joining in with Kahoot quizzes and playing Bananagrams. There are even biscuits provided by Mrs Hardwick!

Recorder Club Year 2 & 3

The Recorder Club is a fun, exciting way for children to learn and succeed in playing their first instrument. It is a great introduction to playing a musical instrument. We learn how to hold and play the recorder, play simple tunes and begin to read music. It is a great opportunity for children to enjoy learning a new skill together.
We hope to have a concert in the summer which will introduce the children to public performance.
Playing the recorder gives children a great start on the musical ladder and many children move on to play other instruments as get older.
Recorder Club is open to all Year 2 and 3 children. We meet on Thursday 2.50-3.45pm with Mrs Lloyd-Smith.

Art Club

Art club is fantastic opportunity for children to explore a range of techniques and skills. Each child has their own sketchbook which they can use to try and test new ideas they have. We enjoy researching the work of other artists and observe which techniques they have used in their pieces. Each week we use a different medium and over a number of weeks we work towards achieving a final piece of work of which the children and myself are incredibly proud of!

Science Club

Chase View’s science club runs for one hour every week after school. It aims to raise the profile of science within our school community whilst giving our children the opportunity to develop their enquiry skills beyond the curriculum. Ensuring our science club is almost entirely practically based allows children to experience science in a fun, innovative and educational environment. By sharing our passion for science we aim to inspire children to realise science is all around them and boost their own confidence and self-esteem to go forward and explore it.

Forest School

Chase View Forest School sessions take place within the school day and are run by Mrs Love and Mrs Jellows.
Forest School is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and develop new skills through hands-on experiences in our natural environment. The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire individuals. Children will take part in a series of sessions which encourage the development of skills such as resilience, understanding how to stay safe, teambuilding, making healthy choices and developing empathy.
Children are encouraged to be in charge of their own learning and sessions are mainly made up of child-led learning experiences. The children go out whatever the weather, come rain, snow or shine! Some of the activities we enjoy are fire lighting, wide games, making natural art, den building, cooking over a fire and barefoot walks. Forest School hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows are a firm favourite!

Chase View
Forest School


Shelly the Tortoise

Shelly – our Tortoise

So, Shelly is very cute, races around really quickly and has a great smile. Our children love her, but I think the staff love her even more.

Our Hens


Also in our little menagerie, we have  6 hens we have reared from eggs. They have grown feathers, blossomed with love care and attention from many of the children who pass them and say ‘hello’. Of course, they form the cornerstone of that great reading book – The Little Red Hen.

Our Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Our Bearded dragons, Didi and Billie (both girls), have the best behaviour as pets. We haven’t bought a leash yet, but we know that they can be taken for walks!! Didi and Billie have a very docile and “happy-go-lucky” attitude that makes them great for handling.

Our Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Due to her docile and placid nature, Bolt, our very own Leopard Gecko really is a pet for all members of the family. She is happy to be held by children, and will slowly walk across gentle hands. She is not aggressive by nature but like all animals should be treated with respect.

Our Stick Insects

Stick Insects

Our stick insects are great. Although they aren't cuddly like cats or rabbits or guinea pigs, they're quiet and they wobble as they walk.

Our Fish

Our Gold Fish

We have a selection of gold fish to soothe and comfort you in our foyer: Comet Goldfish; Fantail Goldfish; Pearlscale Goldfish and Bubble Eye Goldfish. Why not come along and meet them?